Pig Island 2015 | Red Hook | Brooklyn

The annual Pig Island festival by Food Karma Projects took place in Red Hook, Brooklyn on September 12, 2015 at Erie Basin Park. There were 25+ vendors in attendance, ranging from restaurants to caterers, each offering a signature dish made with New York state raised hogs. General admission tickets were $85 and gave you access to unlimited tastes and drinks from 11:30am to 4pm. VIP tables for six let people revel in all the goodies in the comfort of a private tent complete with wine. Most of the attendees just sprawled on the green, enjoying the day and the looming clouds overhead didn't deter the hungry appetites.

The weather could have been better, it was a bit overcast, but all in all a solid turnout of both press and meat connoisseurs alike. Many tents had long lines and definitely those that had were worth it. Sixpoint beer was being served up and there also small batch whiskey distillers on site, both of which went well with the theme of the festival. A live band was even onsite playing country jams.

Notable vendors were Tito King's at Jimmy's No. 43 with the Lechon style pork garnished with pickled daikon and a soy vinaigrette sauce. The meat was so tenderly cooked and the skin extra crispy, with just the right amount of crackle. The pickled daikon was the perfect offset to all the meatiness.
Neuman's Kitchen served up an interesting preparation for the swine, it was labeled as 7 deadly sins of swine given that the pork was prepared in seven different ways. It was set between homemade english muffins and you had a choice of sauces such as tomatillo to dress it up a bit. The texture of the multi preparation pork was very tasty, it was a culinary creation to traditional pulled pork. There were no garnishes with this as the meat stood out on it's own.

Another favorite was from Pig Guy NYC. There was pork dressed up with tzatziki sauce, fresh feta cheese, all sandwiched between a homemade ciabatta bun. It doesn't end there, there was a generous slice of pork belly enveloped in a delectable cherry lemon glaze. For the side dish, there was cracklins. The glaze didn't last long and there's a good reason for that.

Other notable creations were from Arrogant Swine, Ends Meat, and Route 66 Smokehouse.
Arrogant Swine - Laotian Style LARB

Ends Meat - Smothered Pork Nugget

Route 66 - Smoked Pork Lettuce Wrap Tacos

Full list of chefs at Pig Island Festival Chefs Lineup

Definitely recommend checking out Pig Island Festival if you're prepared to have some serious meat sweats. You should plan ahead to not eat anything that morning and possibly the night before to properly relish all the pork goodness you'll embark on. Don't underestimate sample sized offerings, everything looked like a full meal as you start working your way through those eats.

Complete event info at Pig Island.